Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How cats and dogs help kids get excited about art

Yesterday I started my painting class by talking to my students about their pets. Now I've taught lots of art classes and I know that if there is one thing kids love talking about, its their pets!

So to get the kids involved in the process, I chose to paint cats and dogs with them on the first day of class. They very much enjoyed the project. Take a look at our groovy Picasso cats and funky colorful dogs.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ballantyne Framing moving on Saturday

new-design-area-2-300x191Ballantyne Framing & Art has long been known as New Bern’s best custom framing shop. They have been in business for over thirty years.
For a few precious years, Bear Hands Art Factory was blessed to have the ladies from Ballantyne working with us. Now we applaud them as they re-create Ballantyne  Framing & Art, and change locations to 220 Craven Street. 
Maggie framing
Mary Kay, Mary Anne, and Maggie plan to move the business this Saturday. They will all be designing and framing and at the new shop, and Maggie will continue teaching her beginning oil and acrylic classes.
Many frame shops will send your order out to another location for the cutting of the molding and still another for the mat. Ballantyne does all of the work by hand in their building. This means that your art work is stored securely at one location, that the molding will be cut perfectly to fit, and that trained qualified experts are the only people who work on your order.
mar12-001-300x225Bear Hands Art Factory will always highly recommend Ballantyne Framing & Art. There is no one else we trust to create beautiful, quality frames every single time.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kids Have a Blast in Art Projects Camp!

Here are some great pictures of our students doing awesome art projects last week!

On day one, we painted the New Bern Skyline on canvas with acrylic paints!

During the week, we also made "leaf" reliefs with india ink, chalk, and real leaves!

My students often got up and shared their work with the rest of the class, here, they share their comic book stories!

On Thursday, we painted our own version of Starry Night!

Making Fish Prints on Friday!

And now, for the wildest art project in history...

Sometimes we just cant contain our excitement about art class

Splatter painting outside!

We all agreed that this was a pretty awesome project!

Don't worry, we used washable paint!

Jackson Pollock Style

Showing off our artwork!

All of the art Projects camps will be a little bit different! Check out our schedule of classes!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Art Projects Camp: Day One

My talented students show off their unique paintings on the first day of summer art camp! We each added a special element to our paintings. Some people added birds, some added trees, and others added fireworks! we had flags, jumping fish, and airplanes! (My class enjoyed the painting so much, that they asked if we could do another painting later in the week!)

I spent some time teaching the students about proper care of brushes and art tools. We learned how to care for our brushes and markers. We also spent some time presenting our work to the class and sharing our thoughts on our work. Other members of the class offered their own opinions and shared what they liked about each individual painting. 

At the end of class, we learned different ink pen doodling techniques, and integrated colored pencils with ink pen doodles. 

~Hannah Mathiot, Art Teacher

Sign up for our next summer Art Projects class: June 24-28!