Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zentangle Craft Ideas #1 - Alcohol Inks

Did you know that we are offering a Zentangle Class? 

For this project, you will need...
Yupo paper, ceramic glazed tile, glass, or high gloss photo paper.
Alcohol ink colors, (blending solution, brushes)
Micron Pen, and basic understanding of Zentangle.
(optional) acrylic varnish

On your smooth surface material, create a colorful composition using alcohol inks. Let the image dry completely. Tangle over the various color sections with a micron pen. 

If you want to turn a tile into a coaster, spray a protective varnish over it, let dry, then paint with a liquid varnish. Do not put in the dishwasher. 

Paint Party Field Trips With New Bern Christian Academy

This year we have had the honor of serving New Bern Christian Academy, a private christian school on old cherry point road,  by hosting their students for some wonderful painting field trips!

Chris Mathiot, Painting instructor, explains why these events make such wonderful, educational field trips. "We teach them art projects while they are creating." He says. "They get to work with real, high-grade materials. We guide them through a process that they can repeat when they make other things."

Every grade at the school does two field trips at Bear Hands, "One is in ceramics, and one is on canvas," Chris explains. We go to the school for the kindergarten field trips, our operation is pretty mobile.

Students learn how to mix paints, clean brushes, make different kinds of brushstrokes, create definition in their paintings with contrast and outlines, and more.

Most of the field trips take place on Tuesdays during the school day. The kids take the bus to our location and we have a classroom area all set up for them. We provide all of the materials, set up, and clean up. Its not a difficult operation. I've taught a few of the younger grades, and the kids are very receptive to the process.

Today we painted sheep with the 9th graders!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Alcohol Ink Tile Coasters

 To start out my six week mixed media course (ages 7+), I showed the kids an exciting, moving, wild kind of painting that most of them had never experienced. Alcohol inks are becoming more popular as a painting medium. vibrant  wild, are hard to control, these inks allowed my kids to paint in a way they didn't think was possible.

When my kids used these inks, the art changed focus tremendously.  For some, it became more about the process than the product. It was a lot more like a science experiment than most of my other classes. But take a look at what happened!

I passed out some straws and let the kids blow the wet ink around.

The child who painted this piece was very excited about the finished product. 
He said "I didn't even know I could paint like that!"

Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Zentangle Class on Schedule!

Great news for our Zentanglers out there. Our May 18th Zentangle class is completely full! But have no fear.  Samantha Taylor, visiting CZT, has agreed to host a second class on the following Saturday. The second class is called Zentangle II, and will be an intermediate level Zentangle in which students can learn more wonderful techniques.

Zentangle fans can take this course as a follow-up class to the May 18th class, or jump in as a beginner!

Click here to register for Zentangle II, May 25th. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raku Bead Workshop, May 9th

Riverwood Pottery is coming back to Bear hands this may for another wonderful Raku Bead Workshop! I want to share these pictures of last year's workshop so you can get an idea of what the whole thing is like. The Riverwood pottery group travels all the way down from Dillsboro (a little town tucked away in the smokies) to teach at Bear Hands. 

Class details: (3 sessions) May 9, 10 & 11, Thurs & Fri 6 pm-9 pm, Sat. 9:30 - 5:oo   $145.

Every student makes hundreds of beautiful, unique beads in this class! Jewelry makers and potters, don't miss this opportunity! 

Some of the beads in green-ware form

Stamps and texture tools used to make the pendants.

Students at work in our spacious, well-equipped studio.

 Bisque ware ready to fire in the raku kiln!

 Brant Barnes of Riverwood pottery, heating up the kiln outside.
 Stunning results!

Students made a lot of product, and many of them went on to create beautiful jewelry and sold their work! these unique pendants make great gifts for friends and family members.  Click HERE to register

Monday, April 15, 2013

How To Make Your Own Clay Tools

On May 7 & 8, from 6-9pm,  you can learn how to make your own pottery tools at the Bear Hands Studio. Bear Hands welcomes Brant Barnes of Riverwood Pottery (Dillsboro NC) to teach this awesome workshop.

Brant is very experienced at making pottery tools. He will be bringing along some of his unique, innovative creations, such as the opening tool made of a 2x4, a door hinge, a mop handle, and a laser pointer!

Brant says that in this class, he will teach students to make the items like signature stamps, texture and pattern stamps, handle makers,  and pattern/texture wheels. Materials are included!

You may also create bowl ribs,  foot makers, slip trailers, and more. Brant will teach you how to make ribs and wooden tools, and will bring along some wild cherry wood for his students to use. He will demonstrate some unique glazing techniques, and show students how to make stamps out of foam. 

It seems like Brant can make pottery tools out of just about anything. 

"My latest and most favorite tool I made from the handle grim of my bicycle and now I have clay paddles for texturing clay.  My handle tool is made out of the spout of a two gallon gas can. I go to the flea market looking for texture tools. An old cheese slicer or meat tenderizer can easily be used to make clay art."

We will only be offering this workshop ONCE! So don't miss out! Click here to register. 

"Cheap Art" May 10th

On May 10th, New Bern's next Artwalk, Bear Hands will be hosting a unique art show aimed at getting Local art into the hands and homes of our community. Everything piece in the show will be priced at $15 or less. This artwork will make great gifts, decorations for your home, or additions to your art collection!

Although we believe that art is inherently valuable and worth paying a good sum for, we challenged our artists to create and submit art that is affordable and accessible to the public.  Here's a sneak peek at some of the artwork that you will have an opportunity to purchase at this event!

Keep your eyes open for more sneak peeks! You may also find Jewelry, knits, and pottery at this show!

Chris Mathiot

Chris Mathiot

Chris Mathiot

Chris Mathiot

Chris Mathiot

Hannah C. Mathiot

Chris Mathiot

Hannah C. Mathiot

Hannah C. Mathiot

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zentangle Workshop: May 18th

On Saturday, May 18th, Samantha Taylor will be teaching a Zentangle® workshop at Bear Hands! Zentangle is an increasingly popular art form that takes the idea of "doodling" to a whole new level. Using structured patterns and repetition, this relaxing art form increases focus and creativity. And believe it or not, its actually quite easy to learn! I can't tell you how many times people have come into our store saying things like "I never thought I could draw, but then I tried Zentangle."

Samantha Taylor is a Certified Zentangle Teacher, who trained under the original developers of Zentangle. We are honored to have her come teach at our store!

A Zentangle Fish from Samantha's "Tanglefolio"

 Samantha's Students create fantastic Zentangle Tiles in her classes!

The pictures above are from Samantha's Facebook page "Zentangle Eccentric." Visit her page to see even more amazing Zentangles. Click here to register for her class at Bear Hands!

Monday, April 8, 2013

What Can Kids do in our Summer Art Camps?

This summer, I am planning the BEST summer art camps your kid will ever take. I'm concentrating all of my efforts and materials on making camps that will awaken your child's artistic nature. We have tons of awesome materials to use, and tons of ideas on creative ways your kid can use them. So don't wait! sign up today! Oh, and take a look at some of the projects that Shelley has planned for the pottery camps!!

 +Shelley Mathiot  has designed tons of amazing projects that kids can do in our hand building pottery camps!
 Collage, paint, draw, and create in my art camps. Perfect for 7+, but I've also had some five-year-olds do pretty well in these classes, so I'll be flexible with the age groups.
 Space Diorama! Kids can make some awesome dioramas themed however they wish in our Art Camps.

This is a kitty teapot! make an animal teapot in our hand building pottery camps!

monsters and castles and mermaids, Oh My!

Wall Pockets and paper sculptures...

lets face it...kids' pottery is just plain awesome
Click here for the schedule! you can even register online!