Monday, June 17, 2013

Kids Have a Blast in Art Projects Camp!

Here are some great pictures of our students doing awesome art projects last week!

On day one, we painted the New Bern Skyline on canvas with acrylic paints!

During the week, we also made "leaf" reliefs with india ink, chalk, and real leaves!

My students often got up and shared their work with the rest of the class, here, they share their comic book stories!

On Thursday, we painted our own version of Starry Night!

Making Fish Prints on Friday!

And now, for the wildest art project in history...

Sometimes we just cant contain our excitement about art class

Splatter painting outside!

We all agreed that this was a pretty awesome project!

Don't worry, we used washable paint!

Jackson Pollock Style

Showing off our artwork!

All of the art Projects camps will be a little bit different! Check out our schedule of classes!