Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Art Projects Camp: Day One

My talented students show off their unique paintings on the first day of summer art camp! We each added a special element to our paintings. Some people added birds, some added trees, and others added fireworks! we had flags, jumping fish, and airplanes! (My class enjoyed the painting so much, that they asked if we could do another painting later in the week!)

I spent some time teaching the students about proper care of brushes and art tools. We learned how to care for our brushes and markers. We also spent some time presenting our work to the class and sharing our thoughts on our work. Other members of the class offered their own opinions and shared what they liked about each individual painting. 

At the end of class, we learned different ink pen doodling techniques, and integrated colored pencils with ink pen doodles. 

~Hannah Mathiot, Art Teacher

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